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We stand by our core values

Independence | Integrity | Informed


We will always treasure our independence

We work with integrity on every sale to completion

We keep informed with ever changing market conditions

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Joseph Lucus Director

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Red is for Ascot  and Our Passion


Our Branch Manager and Director have gained a vast experience through working for several prestigious, long established, independent estate agents. We believe in good client communication, excellent customer service and good manners. But don’t let that fool you; we also believe that hard work and determination are the key to achieving outstanding results for our clients. That’s our passion!

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We have a Passion For Presentation


We have a passion for presentation… Passion is in everything that we do and everything that we deliver has to be perfectly presented. Everything is done to the best of our abilities. We are after all representing you… We believe in Presentation, Presentation, Presentation and not just Location, Location, Location (sorry Kirsty and Phil!). We take the selling of your house as seriously, as we would take selling our own. 

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We Have a Passion for People


We have a passion to look after people…
We passionately believe in looking after each of our clients in a way we believe we too would like to be looked after. We are dedicated to hospitality, we consider everybody as personal guest. As we would say “the kettle is always on”. You are very welcome to drop in at any time to test this theory!

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Joseph Lucus Director

focused on exceptional customer care, proactivity and an intimate local market knowledge. We have traded in park gate for over 7 years, growing through local customer recommendations and local reputation.